Turning a comedy club into a family-friendly venue

Monkey Barrel Comedy is one of Edinburgh's newest family-friendly eateries. It offers top stand-up comedy by night, but by day it has started to welcome all ages into its café. We asked one of the owners - a dad of two under 5s - how he went about launching this exciting new venue. For the past year, I’ve been one of the owner/managers of Monkey Barrel Comedy, situated just off the Royal Mile. It's been one rollercoaster of a journey, with many new things to learn. It's a far cry from my previous life in financial services!


Day In the Life Photography

As another year draws to a close, are you looking at your children in wonder and disbelief at how fast they're growing up? We certainly are. Karyn Horler decided to document a day-in-the-life of her family, so that they could look back, remember and laugh about their life with little ones. She contacted Armands Sprogis of A-Fotografy, and we spoke to her afterwards to find out what spurred her into booking a photography session and about her family's experience.


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