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Three festival pop-ups worth popping to

We just love Edinburgh’s permanent playrooms and softplays, and many of them have special activities for the summer. But it’s also well worth checking temporary opportunities around and about for play and crafts too – particularly as terms start, as most of them have been laid on to catch the festival crowds. Ocean Terminal’s Beach has been a brilliant stop-off for tired parents during the holidays (speaking from experience!). It will now last until 17 August (just extended from 10 August, thanks OT!).

Six ideas for summer

We’ve already had a chunk of summer 2014, but there are still four or five weeks to go before many of our nurseries and toddler groups start opening their doors for autumn term. At this point, when we’ve done those long-promised day outings and been away on our summer holidays – well, there does seem like a lot of time to fill before our days become more structured again. However, don’t panic. There are bags of things for you to do with your little ones this summer. Here are a few ideas to get you through the coming weeks.   1. Find a new library.

With a little bit of luck

It was only a few weeks before it was due to happen that I realised that the 14th edition of Edinburgh for Under Fives would be launched at 14.00 on the 14th of June 2014. This emphasis on the number 14 wasn't planned - things just fell into place in this nice, neat fashion.

Ocean launch

This Saturday from 2-4pm at Ocean Terminal we'll be celebrating the launch of edition 14 of Edinburgh for Under Fives. We've got lots planned - music from Little Big Songs, play equipment provided by Maddie & Marks Play Town, messy play from Messy Munchkins, crafts, face painting from Happy Faces, storytelling from Waterstones and a visit from the Build-a-Bear mascot. And of course there'll be balloons and stickers aplenty.  


Welcome to Edinburgh for Under Fives! We are truly delighted to be able to usher you onto our new website, and although the Edinburgh for Under Fives Committee is a fairly modest bunch we’d like to draw your attention to the attractive graphics, the interesting features and the comprehensive, searchable listings (with maps!) which we will update for you as details change.

Soul food

It’s at this time of year, when you and your little ones are running from a sharp shower or seeking refuge from an icy wind, that you so appreciate what people do voluntarily in our city to offer shelter and refreshment for prices that still leave you some money to pay your own heating bills.  

New year, new adventures

I love New Year’s Resolutions. Time was (before children) when I would spend all of New Year’s Eve curled up with a little notebook crafting my list of things to change, things to achieve, things to give up. There’s just something about turning over a new leaf that appeals to me (I’m someone that makes End-of-Holiday Resolutions, for goodness’ sake). Usually, I’d end up with quite a few resolutions – about 16 on average. Most of which I’d forgotten by 4th January.  

Rain without the wallet pain

On Saturday, our original idea was to go to Roslin Glen to see the autumn trees. But by the time we had packed bags and got coats and shoes on, the rain was falling steadily. So there we were in the car, all dressed up and nowhere to go. To add to our conundrum, we also knew that we didn’t want to spend too much money, which is tricky on a rainy day when you have little ones to entertain.  

Soft play saves the day

So just when I think school is back and my five year old is under the careful watch of his lovely teacher I am faced with another local holiday Monday in Edinburgh that has crept up far too quickly. With my husband at work and a 10 month old to entertain, my mind is racing with how to keep two active boys busy without tearing my hair out. 

Defining the little touches that make a big difference

Yesterday we pitched up at the Scran & Scallie on Comely Bank Road. My sister’s in town and is seven months pregnant, needing fed on a regular basis. So after a play and a walk in Inverleith Park, we were looking for somewhere nearby to eat by 11.30. Having heard great things about it, I’d been meaning to go to Tom and Michaela Kitchin’s new venture. It was a good opportunity for a treat for our guest, plus we hadn’t had the chance to celebrate my husband’s birthday, which was last week.