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Song Circle is making a movie!

Song Circle can be found at the Skylark Café in Stockbridge, running 10 weekday sessions and a Saturday morning drop-in featuring Scottish and folk songs, poetry, dance and percussion for pre-schoolers. With two very popular albums of songs released, the group now hopes to capture the hugely talented and funny crop of current Song Circlers on film. Gill Bowman tells us more.

It’s so exciting to be in the pre-production stage of our new film.  It'll be a combination of musical entertainment which wee ones will love watching, showing what we do every day at Song Circle and a bit of "fly on the wall" background with extra features -  interviews with the kids, outtakes and profiles of the toys in the hamper. 

Song Circle began with an organic "seed" of an idea sown 8 years ago when my niece Jennie and I began with three sessions a week in her front room in Stockbridge.  Our idea was a simple one - singing with babies and pre-schoolers, and we weren’t reinventing the wheel -  sitting in a sociable circle of cushions with a hamper of toys, singing well loved, classic nursery rhymes accompanied on guitar.  As I am a folksinger and songwriter we added into the mix some Scottish songs and some adult folk songs from around the world, a bit of poetry, dance and percussion -  and I was inspired to write some original songs, usually about some of the things happening at Song Circle which made us laugh.  Sessions were an hour long with a break in the middle  - good fresh coffee and pots of tea - plentiful chocolate biscuits so we would really enjoy it ourselves! 

Since then I’ve found out so much more about the why early exposure to good quality, live music is so good for tiny developing brains - our early days were all about having fun, but at that time I was also working as a Doula and saw firsthand the benefits for new mums of such a supportive, friendly and welcoming group with a structure to it. Those were lovely times as we built our customer base, made many friends and added extra sessions.  By the time Jennie left Edinburgh a couple of years later we were up to five days a week and I moved HQ to my house across the road and Song Circle built to 10 weekday sessions.  By which time the need for bespoke premises was pressing.  

My daughter Sandie and I opened Skylark Café on Hamilton Place which has been the home of Song Circle for 4 years now - she owns the caf
é, and the two businesses enhance and support one another.  Song Circle now runs at capacity with a waiting list for most of the sessions.  Saturday morning drop in sessions are the only non bookables and I share those with the brilliant Morgan Hosking.  Maybe she will take over the whole thing when I retire -  I can only hope!!  With two very popular albums of songs released, a concept lullaby album due out in the next few weeks and the prospect of capturing the hugely talented and funny crop of current Song Circlers on film - it’s all good!

For more information about Song Circle  contact Gill Bowman at songcircle.gill@gmail.com or text 07973493933.