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Little Crafters to the rescue!

What happens when a need for change, a demand for new challenges and a passion for crafting combine? Kat Dougal, co-founder of Little Crafters tells Edinburgh for Under Fives about the inspiration behind this new group.

A lot of us go through a phase in life where we stop and take stock of what we have achieved, where we are in life and if it is where we thought we would be. Usually we aren't where we thought we would be, which can be absolutely fine and just one of the beauties of life - always ready for a surprise. However, when we realise we are stuck in a rut, then it may be time to do something about it!

Last summer Leila and I started chatting about just that. The rut we had got stuck in. The routines. The fact that her daytime job was taking all her energy and leaving none for her children; the fact that I was keen to occupy my mind with new challenges; and the fact that our children - a combined total of four, ranging from one to seven-years-old - love crafts. And creating. And getting messy. And glitter.


And it was the latter that made us think.


What if??


What if there were other parents struggling to make time to do crafts with their children at home, because there is always another distraction? What if there were other parents who receive artwork from their nursery but they have no way of knowing exactly how much their child did and how much they enjoyed it?


What if there were other parents who loved the idea of spending quality time with their children, watching them engage their creative minds, proudly using scissors like a grown up (we watch carefully!), gluing and glittering like there is no tomorrow, developing their confidence and taking pride in putting craft projects together that they will take home and can show off?


And what if all those parents didn't really like the idea of a house covered in glitter (and it does go everywhere!). Or having to run to the shops to buy umpteen different bits of materials. Or making sense of yet another set of online instructions.


Little Crafters


And this was when the idea of Little Crafters was born.


Leila has always been a keen crafter and is forever finding new ideas for her own children, instructing and guiding them with her wonderfully calm nature.  I was more like the parent described above but "forced" to get crafty when I realised that my older daughter loved it. 


And very quickly I was enjoying it, too.  


Little Crafters is now running weekly classes for 2 – 5-year-olds with their parent(s) or carer(s), with new themes each week, using different kinds of crafts, materials, textures and shapes. 


We provide all the materials, we'll help you get it "right" and we'll be there to clean up when the fun is over. You just come along, and ENJOY. 


You’ll meet Mr Fox, our fabulous handmade puppet. Mr Fox pulls new ideas out of his bag and introduces each (new) topic in a fun way, getting everyone ready to "ooooo" and "aaaaaa" at their results by the end of the class.  


We can run birthday parties with a whole range of different themes, and will be looking at offering one-off workshops over the next few months, too. 


So watch this space and like us on Facebook for updates.  


More information 


Classes are 45 minutes (to 1 hour) and are at the following venues:  

Tuesdays 10am, at Jenn's Den/ Davidson's Mains (entry included) 

Wednesdays 11am, at The Lifecare Centre/ Stockbridge

From 9th May, Mondays 2pm, at the Leaf and Bean Cafe


Your first class is FREE and after that a block of 4 classes is £24 pounds (£6/ class), with a 10% sibling discount.


For more information and to book, please get in touch with leila@thelittlecrafters.co.uk  


You can find us on Facebook, too -  www.facebook.com/littlecraftersedinburgh - and we're exploring the world of twitter on @_thelittlecrafters.