Our blog - 2014

The 12 Days of Christmas? Sorted.

On the first day of Christmas, my true love said to me: “What on earth are we going to do with the children during the holidays?” So I showed him my nice 12-item list.


Five fun ways to get them loving books

Did you know that Book Week Scotland is running from 24-30 November? Our friends at the Scottish Book Trust have been in touch with some ideas for parents about how to celebrate this event with our children, most of which you don't need to wait until the end of November for. Which is rather nice of them, isn't it?   There are lots of exciting events happening during Book Week Scotland 2014, but you can also get involved at home! As a parent, Book Week Scotland 2014 is a great opportunity to celebrate a love of books and reading with your little ones.

Group saving

When you look back on your first few years as a parent, there are certain things that stand out as lifesavers. Three of mine were tea, cake and mum-friends. And if you play your cards right you can find all of these in a fourth lifesaver of mine, the toddler group.

Help! It's half term!

Just as you’re getting nicely ensconced in the autumn term time’s regular activities, classes and groups, there's a week’s break to throw you off kilter. And, to add to the challenge, the weather’s closing in. Humph. Take courage. We’ve identified an activity for every weekday of the half-term break and something for both weekends.    11/12 October weekend

Discover Doors Open

It’s not often you get the opportunity to explore the Edinburgh Sheriff Court or take a walk in the various private gardens in the centre of our city. An average punter will rarely get the chance to sit in a Lothian Bus driver’s seat or explore the long-closed train station at Newhaven. So when Doors Open Weekend comes around (as it will again in Edinburgh on 27-28 September), it’s definitely worth making the most of it.

Lothian Bus Depot

Forest fun

Pondering where to go, debating what to take, trying to negotiate unfamiliar territory with toddling children, doing your utmost to discover those family-friendly tips only another parent would know − sometimes with wee ones you get back from a holiday needing another holiday. Never fear. In a new series we’re hoping to help by reviewing a few child-friendly getaways. Joanna Young, an Edinburgh for Under Fives committee member with kids aged 2 and 3, kicks us off by telling us about her short break at Forest Holidays at Strathyre.

Three festival pop-ups worth popping to

We just love Edinburgh’s permanent playrooms and softplays, and many of them have special activities for the summer. But it’s also well worth checking temporary opportunities around and about for play and crafts too – particularly as terms start, as most of them have been laid on to catch the festival crowds. Ocean Terminal’s Beach has been a brilliant stop-off for tired parents during the holidays (speaking from experience!). It will now last until 17 August (just extended from 10 August, thanks OT!).

Six ideas for summer

We’ve already had a chunk of summer 2014, but there are still four or five weeks to go before many of our nurseries and toddler groups start opening their doors for autumn term. At this point, when we’ve done those long-promised day outings and been away on our summer holidays – well, there does seem like a lot of time to fill before our days become more structured again. However, don’t panic. There are bags of things for you to do with your little ones this summer. Here are a few ideas to get you through the coming weeks.   1. Find a new library.

With a little bit of luck

It was only a few weeks before it was due to happen that I realised that the 14th edition of Edinburgh for Under Fives would be launched at 14.00 on the 14th of June 2014. This emphasis on the number 14 wasn't planned - things just fell into place in this nice, neat fashion.

Ocean launch

This Saturday from 2-4pm at Ocean Terminal we'll be celebrating the launch of edition 14 of Edinburgh for Under Fives. We've got lots planned - music from Little Big Songs, play equipment provided by Maddie & Marks Play Town, messy play from Messy Munchkins, crafts, face painting from Happy Faces, storytelling from Waterstones and a visit from the Build-a-Bear mascot. And of course there'll be balloons and stickers aplenty.