Our blog - 2013

Rain without the wallet pain

On Saturday, our original idea was to go to Roslin Glen to see the autumn trees. But by the time we had packed bags and got coats and shoes on, the rain was falling steadily. So there we were in the car, all dressed up and nowhere to go. To add to our conundrum, we also knew that we didn’t want to spend too much money, which is tricky on a rainy day when you have little ones to entertain.  

Soft play saves the day

So just when I think school is back and my five year old is under the careful watch of his lovely teacher I am faced with another local holiday Monday in Edinburgh that has crept up far too quickly. With my husband at work and a 10 month old to entertain, my mind is racing with how to keep two active boys busy without tearing my hair out. 

Defining the little touches that make a big difference

Yesterday we pitched up at the Scran & Scallie on Comely Bank Road. My sister’s in town and is seven months pregnant, needing fed on a regular basis. So after a play and a walk in Inverleith Park, we were looking for somewhere nearby to eat by 11.30. Having heard great things about it, I’d been meaning to go to Tom and Michaela Kitchin’s new venture. It was a good opportunity for a treat for our guest, plus we hadn’t had the chance to celebrate my husband’s birthday, which was last week.

Children's menus - food for thought

A report out this week from the Soil Association and Organix has a lot to say about the standards of children's menus in UK restaurants. More than half of the 21 restaurant chains surveyed had a children's menu that had an overriding emphasis on burgers and sausages. More than a third did not include vegetables or salad in the majority of children's main meals, and around half didn't include fruit in any of their children's puddings. Where the food was sourced was also a mystery in around half of the restaurants.

My local library

As a second-time mum I am always on the look-out for things to do with my new baby. Being on maternity leave means I have to watch the pennies so if I can find an activity that is close to home and free, I am happy. This is where my local library ticks all the boxes. What a fantastic hub of activity for parents and carers. Actually, sometimes I think I should move in as I am there so much.  

Birthday parties

Organising a birthday party for your wee one can seem daunting, especially if you need to cater for children of different age groups. I went to celebrate my niece's third birthday last week at The Hive Play and Party Centre, a new soft play in Bathgate, West Lothian. The venue was a hit and the birthday girl was treated like a VIP when she had her name called out over the loud speaker which she was thrilled about.