Picture Perfect: 5 Top Tips From A Professional Family Photographer

Published on 16/05/2018 by EFUF

Edinburgh for Under Fives caught up with the super stylish Jenni from Jenni M Photography to find out how to take the perfect photo of our kids at home and out and about.

Jenni discovered her love for photography when her parents bought her first camera when she was at primary school. With some guidance from her dad she found photography to be her passion and went on to study it at college. 

Jenni specialises in outdoor family photoshoots and loves meeting new families and capturing their special memories. As a mum of three she knows all too well how tricky it can be to work with young children. So, here are her top tips for getting that perfect shot.

Stay calm and relaxed. Kids sense a stressed parent on the other side of the lens. Keep it fun and natural but also be prepared to jump around and act like a clown to get that silly smile.

Go snap happy. You might have to take a lot of photos to get that perfect one for the frame. Most of us use our phone cameras so taking hundreads is not a problem. Just remember to delete before your memory overloads!

Bribery and distraction. Any parent of an under five knows these 2 words very well. Anything from a rattle to a packet of chocolate buttons can help their little eyes point in the right direction and add a wee sparkle to their smile.

Background and lighting. Anything from lush green shrubs to a cool graffiti wall can help create a great backdrop. Watch out for stray object such as bins, toys and furntiure that might make the photo cluttered. Bright sun light is not ideal. Slightly overcast is best and natual light is essential when indoors.

Location, location, location. Jenni has so many favourite locations around Edinburgh but her favourite places for a family photo shoot are the Botanics, Spylaw park, the canal at Harrison park and Lauriston castle.

*Warning* Don’t give your children sour flavoured lollies during a photoshoot – it may turn their tongues blue! From experience Jenni has discovered that’s not the easiest thing to Photoshop!

Jenni is available for family photoshoots, weddings and portraits. She is a fully qualified professional photographer based in Edinburgh offering a high standard of photos at affordable rates.

To enquire about booking a photoshoot with Jenni - get in touch via Facebook or Instagram.

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