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Researchers and contributors

A great big thank you to this edition's researchers and contributors, and their under 5s We simply could not produce the book without you.

Siân Addicott 

Shabana Alam-Zahir 

Camille Baggs 

Fiona Beal 

Fiona Coner 

Tracey Cooper 

Jenny Copeland 

Graham Currie

Kristina Currie 

Claire Edwards 

Alison Finlay 

Bryony Hope 

Amy Livingstone

Sarah Masters 

Kathy McGlew 

Katie McGlew 

Alison McIndeor 

Claire McMillan 

Hazel Mollison 

Lesley More 

Charlotte Neary 

Kirsty Nicholls

Jacqueline Nisbet

Emily Owen 

Lee Picken 

Clare Quincey 

Hannah Sanguinetti 

Gemma Statham 

Mary Stones 

Paul Thompson 

Kellie Thomson 

Cathy Tingle 

Joanna Young 

Julie Wilson 

If you’d like to volunteer to become a researcher or contributor for Edinburgh for Under Fives, drop us an email at info@efuf.co.uk. You don’t need to be the world’s greatest writer. All you need is a bit of time, some commitment − and an under 5!