Getting Involved

Edinburgh for Under Fives would be nothing without its wonderful volunteer researchers who provide reviews, information and articles. Some of our researchers are mums or dads on parental leave looking for something a bit different to do, others fancy developing their writing skills as a contrast to their day jobs. But you don't have to be the next J K Rowling to review for Edinburgh for Under Fives (although maybe you are - you never know until you try!). All you need is some time, a bit of commitment to visit the place(s) you said you would, and at least one under 5.

When we get useful information on a new or existing venue, activity or service for under 5s we don't need to wait until we're working on the next edition of the book to let our readers know about it. We'd love it if you would write us a review - as either an update or a new suggestion - by clicking here.

Every month we'll be looking to award a £10 voucher to a parent or carer who's provided a really useful piece of information, so don't be shy! Alternatively, please email us at [email protected] with your comments, ideas, information and top tips.